Sugar Love (Momokuri review)

How do you go from stalker to girlfriend? Well you ask the stalkee out of course! Momokuri is a cute show about a girl named Yuki Kurihara confessing and developing a relationship with her long time crush/ obsession Shinya Momotsuki (aka Momo-kun). Prior to becoming Momo’s sweet girlfriend Kurihara used to be his stalker! Sneaking […]

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As You Wish! (Inu Boku x SS! Review)

Maison de Ayakashi is an exclusive apartment complex; each tenant gets one agent of the Secret Service (S.S.). Ririchiyo Shirakiin a half demon, to become independent convinces her family to allow her to stay at Maison de Ayakashi.  There she meets her body guard Soushi Miketsukami, a devoted half demon kitsune spirit, who happens to […]

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