As You Wish! (Inu Boku x SS! Review)

Maison de Ayakashi is an exclusive apartment complex; each tenant gets one agent of the Secret Service (S.S.). Ririchiyo Shirakiin a half demon, to become independent convinces her family to allow her to stay at Maison de Ayakashi.  There she meets her body guard Soushi Miketsukami, a devoted half demon kitsune spirit, who happens to be in love with her. Together with the other residents they grow and experience new things.

Ririchiyo has a problem she’s terrible at communicating her feelings to others. Instead she puts up a façade and is the definition of Tsundere though most don’t realize it. Thankfully she becomes friends with the other residents. Karuta Roromiya, a gashadokuro, and Nobara Yukinokouji, a yuki-onna, grow close to her easily despite her social shortcomings for different reasons. Nobara is obsessed with girls, in particular cute young girls. On the other hand Karuta seems to move at her own pace and is overly affectionate with Ririchiyo after she is given food.

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Everyone who watches can find a character to love on a deeper level whether it be the S&M king Kagerou Shoukiin. The polite and studious delinquent, Banri Watanuki. Ririchiyo obsessed and polite manipulator, Miketsukami. Laidback big brother figure of Ririchiyo, Renshou Sorinozuka or the loving and playful Zange Natsume. No matter your preference this show about friendship and understanding others will touch your heart and bring out some laughs.

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I deeply enjoy the series and often go back and watch it when I need a laugh or want to feel warm and fuzzy inside. The characters develop in a nice easy fashion and while you only really stick to Ririchiyo most of the time it’s not hard to notice how everyone has changed if only a little in the short time you’re introduced to them.

You can check out this anime on Crunchyroll. If you really love the anime and are unsatisfied with it’s abrupt ending the manga is just as sweet though it may sometimes move you to tears just as the anime did.


Holy Knights Assemble! (Nanatsu no Taizai review)

Leave the damsels to another anime because our protagonist Elizabeth, Liones princess of Britannia is here to get things done. Force to flee from her castle after a coup; Princess Elizabeth sets out in search of the legendary Seven Deadly Sins. Seven knights who served directly under the king and were rumored to be the strongest in the kingdom. Each are named after a sin corresponding with their crime and have an animal tattoo. Meliodas, Diane, King, Merlin, Ban, Gowther, and Escanor were forced out ten years prior to the current time. Elizabeth meets their leader, local pervert but only for Elizabeth, Dragon Sin of wrath Meliodas after collapsing in his traveling bar. Together with Hawk, a talking sassy pig, they journey to gather up the rest of the crew so they can stop the Holy Knights from plunging the kingdom into war.

Nanatsu no Taizai does great balancing humor and the gravity of various situations. The switch between serious and light hearted is seamlessly done. The character development flows well with the story progression. It’s kind of cool how there are little hints here and there for things revealed later in the series where you can go ‘oh so that’s why.’ I found that the replay value had a bonus because now I spot all the times things were hinted at. I was surprised that so many different personalities felt so cohesive together on my first watch. The anime does a good job of making it feel like you’re watching a reunion of old friends.

Out of all the characters Elizabeth and Ban are my favorites. Elizabeth is a good person who strives to do her best no matter the circumstances. I think she’s quite admirable as the weakest in the group to face danger instead of hiding away. Ban, fox sin of greed an immortal thanks to the fountain of youth, is very carefree and unexpectedly brutal. His sense of humor is very counter to King, bear sin of sloth, and they often argue.

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With a rich story, wonderful characters, and eye catching animations Nanatsu no Taizai is a good anime and manga to get into.

Oblivious Love Master! (A review of Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun!)

Most animes lead up to love confessions but this one starts right out the gate and is followed by hilarity! Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun is all about the love and great friendships. The protagonist a sweet girl named Sakura, Chiyo confesses her love to Umetarō, Nozaki and things don’t go as planned. She ends up helping Nozaki with his manga and gaining a few friends in the process. Nozaki despite writing a popular Shoujo Manga is completely oblivious about Chiyo’s feelings. Through Nozaki she meets Mikoshiba, a crimson haired suave talker who is easily embarrassed. Kashima, the prince of the school who is also a girl. Hori, leader of the drama club and the only one who can reign in Kashima. Wakamatsu, a basketball star who looks up to Nozaki and has an interesting relationship with Seo, Chiyo’s best friend who can sing well but is oblivious to social norms. Together they make a strong cast of different personalities.


This anime has plenty of humor even after a few watches. The show also delves a bit into the nature of producing a Shoujo manga. Nozaki explains why alcohol and bike scenes aren’t like most would image in Shoujo manga. Seeing some of Nozaki’s inspirations was fun. Especially once they reveal who Mamiko, the protagonist for his manga, is based off. Although I love the entire cast my favorite character is Mikoto, Mikoshiba with Chiyo as a close second. Mikoshiba a.k.a Mikorin spouts out lines that sway the school girls but he gets embarrassed by them. I think it’s the cutest thing. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun is a nice slice of life, school anime with tons of humor. I can’t say there’s a single character to dislike and it’s great if you want to get someone into anime.

If you’re interested Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun! the manga is on,, and, most book stores. As far as media copies the 12 episodes in their entirety are on Itunes. There are also DVD & Blu-ray releases that you can buy. As far as I can tell the Limited Edition Box Set is only at


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Class is in session! A quick early review of Royal Tutor!

The spring release of the anime The Royal Tutor alternatively known as Oshitsu Kyoushi Heine has me excited for class! A wonderfully animated show about a tutor and four princes has arrived. It captured my interest on the first episode. Though there are only four episodes as of now it’s looking good. The gist so far is the main character is a tutor for the four of the six royals in line for the throne. Heine Wittgenstein must shape these princes to be ready to lead the Kingdom of Glanzreich. The princes are quite different from each other but seem close. The oldest you see is Kai von Glanzreich (17), a young man with an intimidating face that seems to lead to misunderstandings. Although the show hints at some violent past he seems like a passive and naive character. He is a man of few words and tends to keep a keen interest in cute things. A year younger is Bruno von Glanzreich (16), A genius with a bit of an attitude. Though he looks down on others for their apparent lack of knowledge he’s otherwise very polite. After he finds out about Heine not attending higher schooling he is dismissive until Heine teaches him a lesson. After that he seems to waver between fanatic student and nagging mother to his brothers. Leonhard von Glanzreich (15) is quite lovable. He has a few problems with communication; though for the viewer it’s a bit endearing. He rejects Heine and it’s hinted at he may have been abused physically & emotionally by a tutor because he is a slow learner. But after Heine reaches out to him; Leonhard’s willing to try and learn. His child like attitude was a surprise for me but I like it. Licht von Glanzreich (14) is our last student. He is presented as a playboy who fools around with women in his room. He’s playful but seems to have a sharp wit as demonstrated in a conversation between he and Heine in his room. Overall, he’s the most relaxed of all the brothers. As Heine and the viewers get to know more about these four; I’m sure we’ll get a better picture of this royal family. But if you get in the interested and don’t want to wait. Yen Press has licensed the manga form in the US and UK. They are releasing it in digital and physical form. You can pre-order the book from online outlets like amazon. The physical form will be released in the US May 23, 2017.

Douluo Dalu II – Jueshui Tangmen Review

Douluo Dalu II – Jueshui Tangmen also known as Soul Land II a sequel to Soul Land. A fantasy, fighting Manhua coupled with school life format.

Hou Yuhao, a young spirit user, aims to get revenge on the famous White Tiger Clan for the Death of his mother and his mistreatment. He heads out into the world and ends up at Shrek Academy under the tutelage of the best teachers. Along his journey to become the best he is joined by various characters from all kinds of different circumstances. Spirit users are humans born with some form of spiritual martial arts. Hou Yuhao’s spirit power rest in his eyes and mind. They can capture spirit beast by killing them and absorbing the souls of the beast in order to use the beasts powers/ abilities.

There aren’t many localizations that I’m willing to go to bat for but Douluo Dalu II – Jueshui Tangmen is definitely one of them! Magic, martial arts, and revenge with some friendship building. Our protagonist, Huo Yuhao, starts off pulling at your heart strings by cursing the world over his mother’s avoidable death. Quickly scooped up by two elder spirit users trying to revive their clan. Beibei and Tang Ya take up a family role for Yuhao and help him enter Shrek Academy. (No relation to the green monster from the swamp.) This Academy is the training grounds for the best of the best spirit users. Of course, with that comes the weeding out of the weak at every opportunity. The harsh conditions make for heart pounding moments not just for Yuhao but a dear character who starts on a bit of rocky ground Wang Dong. A sense of protectiveness leans itself to this MC. Unfortunately, he’s constantly being looked down on by other characters. But the ones who are important get wise to his charms and potential rather quickly. There are some tear jerking moments of happiness and sadness in this Mahnua that evoke those emotions even after re-reading.

Unfortunately this Mahnua isn’t published in the states nor has it been turned into an anime but if you’re interested you can read it online at :

Wallflower Review

An anime about turning Sunako Nakahara into a lady. Ranmaru, Yukinojo, Takenaga, and Kyohei oversee making Sunako’s Aunt, Mine Nakahara’s, dream come true in order to have free rent at Mine’s mansion where they all reside. Though their initial motives aren’t all that pure these four beautiful boys blossom a friendship with Sunako. Comedy is a big part of this anime but it has it’s sweet moments too. If you’re wondering about action that’s also present since Sunako and Kyohei can throw a punch. I like the contrast between the boys and Sunako’s outlook on life. Sunako has the thought process at first that the boys don’t have any problems but as the show moves forward she comes to appreciate their struggles and her mindset evolves. The boys also come to accept Sunako as the gore loving girl she is. The banter between the characters gets the laughs going. All in all Wallflower is undervalued in my opinion. I was really hoping for a second season.

Wallflower has a manga version released in the states though some of the books are hard to get a hold of. I’m personally disappointed that some of the things in the manga aren’t addressed in the anime. But over all the adaption is good. I watch the show on Funimation and as a person who has seen the dub and sub versions, the dub is worth while. It’s also the only option on Funimation right now.

Place to Place reveiw


Place to Place otherwise known as Acchi Kocchi is a lesser known but extremely wonderful anime. Tsukimi a young girl with cat like attitude and sometimes features has a crush on her friend Io. Io’s as tall and easygoing as Tsukimi is short in both temper and stature, but he also seems to be totally clueless about how she’s starting to feel. Yet, at times, he’s almost too affectionate. Along for the ride is their prankster friends Mayoi and Sakai. Joined by Hime, a sweet innocent girl who is prone to nosebleeds. This anime is cute/ funny/ and awesome. From supernatural snow ball fights to normal scenes of going to festivals this anime never fails to bring a smile to the viewer’s face.

This anime is cute. So cute I was worried I’d die from diabetes from all the sugar my eyes were taking in. But it’s not overdone in the least. Every cute moment feels earned and you’re most likely laughing happily about the turn of events. The comedic timing is nice and smooth. There’s no forcing the laughs or moments of confusion after the joke has passed. Place to Place is a good anime for winding down and just feeling good. There’s no heavy moral quandaries, brutal deaths, or dramatic moments that cause you to want to curl up and fade out of existence (I’m looking at you Attack on Titan). There’s also some light action in the show. Tsumiki is a force to be reckon with but the rest of the cast isn’t half bad in physical prowess.